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The Kind Of Fat You Want

Handmade, Natural Skin and hair Care Products sourced from the finest ingredients with no essential oils.



Tallow Based Skincare With Clean, Nourishing And Healing Ingredients.



At Fat Cow Tallow we are excited to bring back the traditions of our ancestors when they used God given resources for healing and nourishment.

Our balms are rich in natural saturated fats and full in vitamins A, D, E, and K. All hand made using the best and wholesome ingredients that your skin will love. Whipped to creamy smoothness and perfect for the most sensitive skin and ultra healing for any ailment. Forget the chemicals and give your skin what it really needs, Fat Cow Tallow!

From Farm To Skin

We are dedicated to making sure our tallow comes from local Florida cows that are 100% grass fed and grass finished so your skin can reap the amazing nutrients tallow has to offer.


Why choose Fat Cow Tallow

Real Ingredients

We work with local farmers that raise 100% grass fed cattle - Our oils and butters are in the most purest, organic and natural form.

Immensely Healing

Our balms are made to help with a variety of skin issues like eczema, stretch marks, bug bites, acne and much much more.

Sustainably Sourced

From small family farms to wildcrafted botanicals to ethically processed ingredients. We take sourcing very seriously.

Made In The USA

Based in beautiful SW Florida, we're a husband and wife team making every bottle by hand right in our kitchen.

No Bull

We never use synthetic chemicals, GMO's, fillers, toxins, artificial fragrance, artificial colors, sulfate free, paraben free.

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