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How it all happened

My son Charlie, at 2 months old developed a form of eczema. It mainly targeted his cheeks making them super inflamed, cracked, and they would often weep. Doctors couldnt make much of it saying he’d grow out of it (hopefully) and would just prescribe steroid cream. However, the older he got, the worse it was.

By 6 months it felt like we had tried every cream, lotion, and ointment there was, from natural to not so natural and nothing helped except for the harmful steroid cream. Even that was short lived, without constant use it would just come back.

We kept searching for solutions and eventually came across tallow and all of the healing properties it has. A few months later with tons of research and development I created my own version of tallow now named “Charlie’s Balm”. Specifically made to target harsh skin conditions like my son Charlie had. After a few days of use we started seeing results and we couldn’t be happier to finally have a healthy and organic cream that we could use. As we started using the tallow cream regularly we started getting more and more changes to his skin problems, they we’re finally disappearing.

I thank the Lord that I was able to make something that not only healed Charlie’s skin but became a staple in our home for any and all skin ailments, and we hope that Fat Cow Tallow can also benefit families facing similar struggles.

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